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    • Where can I purchase Ever Clean® Premium Clumping Litter?

      Ever Clean® products are available only at premium pet stores. Check our Store Finder page to find the store closest to you.

    • Is it okay to flush the clumps of Ever Clean® litter down the toilet?

      No. We don’t recommend flushing any clumping litter down the toilet, as it can clog drains.

    • What's the best way to dispose of Ever Clean® Litter?

      Simply scoop up the clumps and solid waste from the litter and dispose of in the trash. DO NOT flush it down the toilet. Once a month, empty the entire box and dispose of the contents in the trash.

    • Is it okay to use Ever Clean® Litter for other pets, such as hamsters, rabbits or ferrets?

      We only recommend using this product for cats.

    • I've heard that cat litter provides good traction on snow and ice. Is this true?

      We don’t recommend using cat litter as traction on snow-covered ground. All clumping litters are slippery when wet, and very difficult to remove once placed on a wet cement driveway or patio. The products are intended only for use as cat litters.

    • Is it okay to mix Ever Clean® Litter with other litters?

      We do not recommend mixing Ever Clean® with other cat litters because it may not clump as well.

    • Is Ever Clean® Litter harmful to cats or other animals if ingested?

      Ever Clean® is not known to cause harm to animals, including kittens, when ingested in small quantities. However, if a pet eats a large amount (like a bowlful), we recommend you see your vet.

    • I've heard that ingesting cat litter, especially the scoopable kind, can harm kittens. What's your position on this?

      The Clorox Company is a member of the Sorptive Minerals Institute (SMI), a national trade association that represents the producers and marketers of absorbent clay products, specifically cat litter. The member companies represent approximately 95% of clay cat litter products sold in the United States. When SMI began hearing “rumors” about clumping litter, they interviewed veterinarians, pet storeowners and cat owners, asking if they were aware of any health related problems that could be directly attributed to the use of clumping litter. SMI contracted with the National Animal Poison Control Center at the University of Illinois asking them to provide names and comments of any individuals that called regarding health problems that they associated with clumping litter. Whenever possible, these pet owners and their veterinarians were contacted. Autopsies were performed on animals purported to have died as a result of using clumping litter. In every case the autopsy revealed there was some other underlying cause of death, totally unrelated to clumping litter.

      SMI even spoke to the holistic veterinary practitioner who first raised this litter issue and she was not able to provide a single piece of evidence linking clumping litter with sickness or death. Even the ASPCA has no health issue with clumping cat litter and they continue to recommend it.

      Despite numerous consultations, interviews and tests, neither Clorox, SMI nor any of the veterinarians with whom we have spoken, have been able to find any scientific evidence linking the use of clumping litter with the sickness or death of any kitten or cat.

    • Is carbon safe for cats?

      Yes, our litters with carbon are safe for use by cats.

    • Does your cat litter biodegrade?

      Our litters are primarily comprised of clay. Clay does not break down, so our litters are not biodegradable.

    • What are the ingredients of Ever Clean® Premium Clumping Cat litter?

      The litter contains bentonite clay, activated carbon/charcoal and borates. Some products contain fragrance, zeolite crystals and/or cedar.

    • Is there baking soda in Ever Clean® Premium Clumping Cat Litter?

      No. We don’t use baking soda as an ingredient in our litter.

  • Ever Clean® Premium Cat Litter Products FAQs

    • What's the difference among the various formulas of Ever Clean® Litter?

      We have five different litters suited to different needs. Here’s a breakdown. If you still want some help choosing the right litter for your cats, please check our Litter Selector.

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