About Us

From the beginning, we wanted to make a positive impact on the quality of cat care and develop a cleaner litter. The result: Ever Clean® litter, America’s first clumping cat litter. Our premium granules set us apart. We are constantly striving to develop improved products, and we only sell our litter in pet specialty stores, where pet care comes first.

— From the Litter Specialists

Our History


A & M founded. First US company to produce clumping cat litter. Sold in 7 lb. Jugs as Ever Clean® litter, and personally delivered to vets and pet specialty outlets in Texas.


Named "Best Product of the Year" by Pet Products News.


A & M sold to First Brands.


Clorox bought First Brands, acquired Ever Clean® litter.


Ever Clean® litter is relaunched with four improved formulas for better urine odor control.


Cedar and Multiple Cat varieties are introduced. EverFresh® Litter becomes part of the Ever Clean® 
litter brand.


Ever Clean® launches Lightweight Unscented Extra Strength.